The 5th EDUCATIONCONF was a highly anticipated event for educators and researchers from around the world. Held in the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge, United Kingdom, from the 26th to the 28th of August in 2022, this conference was a platform for experts in the field of education to share their knowledge and experience.

The participants of the conference were excited to see how this event brought together some of the brightest minds in the education sector from Brazil, India, Oman, Bahrain, Thailand, Chile, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Lithuania, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, UK, Guyana, Cyprus, USA and Japan. From an outstanding keynote speech by Prof. Dr. João José Saraiva da Fonseca titled “Online Digital Learning Ecosystems and Physical Innovation Labs promoting blended learning” to panel discussions and workshops, the conference provided a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest trends, techniques, and research in education.

Some of the key takeaways from this exciting event were publication opportunities offered in the form of conference proceedings, journal publication and book publication, networking through various sessions and social functions as well as the opportunity for future collaboration with peers.

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Highlighted Speakers


Author Article Title Affiliation
Education conference Prof. Dr. João José Saraiva da Fonseca ( Keynote Speaker) Online Digital Learning Ecosystems and Physical Innovation Labs promoting blended learning.  Director of Educational Innovation at Centro Universitário INTA (UNINTA), Brazil
Gainiya Tazhina Prof. Dr. Gainiya Tazhina Managerial and Financial Skills of School Principals: Facing Per Capita Funding, Kazakhstan Kenzhegali Sagadiyev University of International Business (UIB)
Education conference Prof. Dr. Omar Mizel Degree of Adaptation of Jerusalem Palestinian Students at Israeli Academic Colleges Ono Collage,Israel
Prof. Lorenzo Cherubini Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Cherubini A Bi-Epistemic Community Project: Accounting for Socio-Political Realities, Canada Brock University
education conference Dr. Sawsan Awwad-Tabry The association between sense of mastery, social support, and anxiety: A comparison between Jewish and Arab teachers during the third COVID-19 lockdown Oranim College of Education, Israel
Anubha Ray Dr. Anubha Ray Three Language Formula in National Education Policy, 2020 of India Birla Global University, India
Iman Jabbar Abbas Dr. Iman Abbas Designing an English for the Workplace Digital Course for Effective Performance and Professional Development of Employees in the Workplace UTAS, Oman
Education conference Dr. Rumpa Roy University Campus Life and Activities aligned with Students’ Preference towards Designing Competency Model Framework Gulf University, Bahrain
Education conference Dr. Anutsara Suwanwong Cloud-based Supervision System for Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness of The Private School in Thailand Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Thailand
education conference Dr. Isabel Pavez Overcoming digital inequalities in a rural context: the key role of teachers and technological education Universidad de los Andes, Chile
education conference Dr. Gilad Cohen-Ynon The Future of Professional Development – From External to Internal Knowledge

Teachers at the end of covid pandemic – temporary attrition or a professional crisis?

The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College, Israel
Education conference Dr. Worralak Chookamnerd Developing a Learning Ecosystem through Participatory Value-Oriented Learning Processes to Communicate Songkhla’s Citizenship Creativity Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
Cissy Li Dr. Cissy Li Designing an English for Specific Purposes Programme to Nurture Global Citizenship Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Education conference  Dr. Ibtasam Thakur Application of Moral Education Theory to Reform Madrassah Education, Pedagogical Strategies to Combat Terrorism in Pakistan Lahore College for Women University,Lahore,Pakistan
Arturas Akelaitis Dr. Arturas Akelaitis Facilitating implementation of social emotional learning programmes in rural schools: teachers’ perspective Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Education conference Dr. Guo Zhen On the problems and countermeasures of online teaching under the COVID-19 pandemic situation SEGI University, Malyasia
Education conference Dr. Parichart Toomnan Thai university students’ use of language learning strategies in the digital age Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Education conference Dr. Leah Li Echiverri Do Native and Nonnative English Speaker Teachers Really Matter?: Chinese Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions in a Sino-Foreign University Wenzhou-Kean University, China
Hawazen Rawas Dr.Hawazen Rawas Effectiveness of Two Flipped Class Techniques on Test Performance of Undergraduate Nursing Students King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Saudi Arabia
education conference Mrs. Renata Kárníková Level of communicative competencies of primary school teachers in the Czech Republic Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Education, Czech Republic
Maria Dumitrescu Mrs.Maria Dumitrescu Teaching the Multi-Intelligent Classroom 21st Century Educators, UK
Education conference Mrs. Shuhrah Alghamdi A Novel Approach for Estimating students’ Ability for Dynamic Item Response Theory Models. 21st Century Educators, UK
Ms. Wenwen Liu How art as a vehicle for ideas-based ideologies, can facilitate the understanding of climate change and help people explore a speculative and sustainable future Teesside University, UK
Ms. Volda Elliott Low Adoption of Digital Technology Among Indigenous Amerindian Preservice Teachers in Guyana University of Guyana, Guyana
Nattapa Pongpanich Ms. Nattapa Pongpanich Developing Educational Toy for Enhancing Elementary Students’ Computational Thinking Skills by Using Design Thinking Process Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Aaron Nance Mr. Aaron Nance Why Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is Important in K12 Education University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Education conference Mr. Olaoluwa Joseph Folorunsho Strategic Innovations for Education and Training ACMET Business School,Cyprus International University,Cyprus West University, Cyprus
Education conference Mr. Korilana Appaji Diffieculties in Education Overcome Through Counsellor Education University Of Hyderabad, India
Education conference Mr. Anthony Lewis The Decline of Education Leadership for Change (A private consultancy)The, UK
Emad Alotaibi Mr. Emad Alotaibi Experiences of Leadership in Rural schools in Saudi Arabia: Opportunities and Challenges University of Reading, UK
Mark Joel Pierce Mr.Mark Pierce Student homelessness, COVID-19, and social-emotional strengths and needs: A case study Southern Methodist University, USA
Education conference Mr.Case Anderson The Role of Post-Writing Exercises and Interventions in Student Writing Outcomes: A Case Study Landon School, USA
Education conference Mr. Adam L. Miller Introducing Change to Japanese Universities: Digital Vs Paper Assignments Aichi Shukutoku University, Japan